About Us, Leadership and Affiliates

The Gutman Group is a diversified global consulting, investment, and transactional practice.  Its services range from consulting and advisory covering business, legal, political, geopolitical, and public relations opportunities and challenges; affiliation with certain investment funds and opportunities; assistance on transactions, sales, and developing business relationships; venture capital and private equity; service on boards; media appearances, publications and speeches; and public relations.  The Gutman Group’s clients range from Fortune 100 companies, SME’s, family offices, high net worth individuals, governments, law and consulting firms, start-ups, and more.  It works on some matters solely within the United States, some solely within Europe, and many that cross borders covering much of the globe.   

The Gutman Group relies on certain principals, primarily Ambassador (Rtd) Howard Gutman and Chase Gutman, and a vast Ambassadorial and Former Ambassadorial Network.  If clients have existing lobbyists, attorneys and/or public relations professionals, The Gutman Group prides itself on working seamlessly with such existing professionals.  But as needed, the Gutman Group relies on its own top-notch Lobbyist, Attorney, Affiliates, and Public Relations Network