Consulting & Advisory

The Gutman Group provides consulting and advisory services for a wide array of clients on an equally diverse range of matters. The consulting and advisory services cover the range of business, legal, political, geopolitical, and public relations opportunities and challenges. Projects may involve classic commercial and business issues, including assistance in entering or expanding in markets, introductions to strategic partners, buyers, sellers, financiers, customers and more; assistance in addressing competition; trade and tariff problems; multilateral, country, state or local regulatory matters, advice to the C-Suite; advice about and oversight and management of legal matters including threatened and pending litigation; interaction with governments and regulators; advice concerning investments and locating and identifying investment opportunities, financing, partnerships and more; strategic planning; analysis and minimization of geopolitical risks; public relations efforts and media interaction; or a combination of some or all. The Gutman Group also assists certain governments in issues relating to financing, peacekeeping and inter/intra governmental disputes. Consulting and advisory clients range from Fortune 100 companies, SME’s family offices, high net worth individuals, governments, law and consulting firms, start-ups, and more. The Gutman Group works on some matters solely within the United States; others solely within Europe, as well as many cross border matters covering much of the globe. Within the U.S., the reach includes extensive involvement and contacts from Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Capitol Hill and the White House, state governments, and Hollywood.

Through its direct experience or long established affiliations, The Gutman Group has the contacts and expertise to handle matters across the globe, with special emphasis on the United States, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Vietnam, China, Japan, Azerbaijan, Congo and more.
Representative examples of certain past or current engagements include:

  • Assisting large European dredging companies on issues of market access, trade, third world financing, resolving disputes with governments or partners, and more.
  • Assisting in overseeing and advising the C-Suite and General Counsel of a large European chemical company on U.S. and worldwide litigation and public relations matters.
  • Assisting one of the world’s largest alternative energy developers on projects in North America, with a primary focus on the development of offshore wind in the United States.
  • Assisting a global movie theater chain in geographic expansion; in revising and expanding content offering and operating procedures; and in incorporating and developing new technologies.
  • Assisting a top five U.S./worldwide private equity firm on legal, political, and public relations issues for European portfolio companies.
  • Assisting a large U.S. chemical firm on the legal, political, and public relations aspects of competitive practices and preventing and remedying unfair practices by competitors.
  • Advising a large U.S./international consulting firm on European, Chinese, Japanese and worldwide regulatory issues and assisting certain of its clients on implementation of policies and practices.
  • Negotiating between foreign governments on resolution of geopolitical disputes.
  • Assisting business development efforts on behalf of leading entities within a third world country and thereby promoting progress and growth across the full country spectrum.
  • Advising a U.S. bond firm on geopolitical risks and issues, securing strategic partnerships, and introductions to potential partners, customers, and investors.
  • Assisting certain family offices and high net worth individuals in locating and consummating new investments.
  • Assisting foreign companies in applying for specialized U.S. tariff relief programs.
  • On behalf of a U.S. tech company, overseeing the response to the regulatory and litigation process within the EU.
  • Assisting a multinational business process outsource firm in market access, business development, regulatory and technology issues in the U.S. and around the globe.
  • Assisting foreign investors and producers in business and legal issues in Hollywood.

Interested potential clients can find out more about The Gutman Group’s consulting and advisory services by contacting The Gutman Group by email at