Belgian-American Friendship Fund and Other Investment Opportunities

The Gutman Group is in the process of establishing and securing indications of preliminary interest in the Belgian-American Friendship Fund (“BAFF”). a projected $100 million fund that will provide access for certain high net worth Belgian families and individuals, and certain Belgian pension funds to a very limited number of specified, exclusive United States venture capital funds that previously have not been available to Belgian investors. At the same time, The Gutman Group is securing commitments from certain of the targeted U.S. funds to provide allocations to the BAFF.

The Gutman Group is also affiliated with a new venture capital fund that will target co-investing with the leading Silicon Valley funds.

The Gutman Group also assists in locating and facilitating investments in a wide range of investment opportunities in the U.S. and across the globe including real estate deals, private equity, venture capital, start-ups, growth companies, Hollywood studios, sports enterprises and more.

Interested potential investors can find out more about the BAFF and other investment opportunities by contacting The Gutman Group by email at