Zusto — Never Use Sugar Again

Zùsto is an all-natural derived sugar replacement made of fibers and is FDA approved. It has the same taste, structure and texture as traditional sugar and thus is a 1 to 1 replacement for sugar in every application, such as cooking, making chocolate, baked goods, ice creams, cereals, confectionary, jams and preserves, caramel, biscuits, waffles, pancakes, and the like.  Zusto has 75% fewer calories and 35% less fat than sugar, is GMO free and kosher and halal on request.  Unlike sugar substitutes, it also has no chemicals and indeed is healthy supplying dietary fiber. It has probiotic effects and relieves common digestive complaints.  Zùsto helps to increase the daily fiber intake (currently 10 grams / day on average per adult, yet recommended at 25 to 30 grams per day.) Zùsto is also safe for diabetics. (Its glycemic response was measured at the University Hospital Brussels).  And, as noted, unlike sugar substitutes, Zùsto has the same texture as sugar and thus is interchangeable in recipes and cooking. Thus, a Michelin Two Star Brussels restaurant and several one star restaurants now make half of their desserts with Zusto and half with sugar without so indicating to customers, with the Zusto desserts having 75% fewer calories and 35% less fat than the same dessert made with sugar.  While Stevia solves many of the problems of sugar substitutes and has fewer calories than Zùsto, Stevia has never solved its bad taste and is not a one-to-one substitute.  A leading supermarket chain has just begun selling a Zùsto ice cream and sorbet and several big box stores are now selling Zùsto by the bag for cooking.  Leading chocolate companies in the United States and Europe are now testing Zusto for new or existing products.

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